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Remap your car with Powergate 3 programmer


Powergate 3 is the ideal tool to reprogram ECU of Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks and Tractors. Reading and Writing have never been so fast: you can now upload at any time one of the engine mapping chosen among the multiple saved inside the tool along with the original file.

Increased benefits from the increased screen resolution; more powerful processor and increased memory. All of this POWER in a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand (140g-5oz. and 20mm-3/4” thick).

Touch screen provides an intuitive step-by-step walkthrough that will give your customer the confidence and security that they own the industry’s most powerful tool at their fingertips. The increased memory will allow up to 5 different files to be stored in the device simultaneously.


1. Reading of the original file

Select tuning, select your vehicle brand, model and version and follow the onscreen instruction ot read original stock file from your car and save it in your Powergate 3. Use the PWGUser software to download this file from your Powergate3 and send it your Tuner.

2. Flashing the modified file
Use the PWGUser software to upload received tuned file into your Powergate3: Select Tuning and follow onscreen instructions to flash modified file to your vehicle.

3. Clearing DTC codes
Tap on Diagnosis and then on My vehicle and then tap on the double arrows to continue. Follow the onscreen instructions. If DTC codes are found, tap Yes if you want to delete them or No to go back to the Diagnosis submenu.

Powergate 3 - the easiest way of flashing Sedox Performance Software by yourself!

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